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The Enduro N.E.S.T. by Enduro Medical Technology is featured in the new NASA Spinoff 2008 Magazine on pages 56 & 57

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Revolutionary new NASA technology is now being introduced to the field of Equine Health Care. The Enduro NEST will open a new era in equine surgery. Using the latest NASA technology, Enduro Medical Technology has created the Enduro NEST (NASA Equine Support technology). With this we now possess the ability for full induction and recovery from anesthesia without the horse ever having to be laid down. This equine support system fully and safely supports the horse, of any size, with a totally new approach to sling design which requires no more time to apply than a winter blanket.

The Enduro equine support system, using patented NASA cable compliant joint technology, is used to precisely lift and safely support the equine patient during induction of anesthesia. As the patient regains consciousness, the system gradually releases until the horse is able to stand without assistance. This technique totally eliminates a horse’s anxiety and instability which exists in the protocols used today.

The Enduro NEST will revolutionize the surgeries of tomorrow, opening possibilities for new and innovative procedures which are unthinkable with today’s standards. The Enduro Nest will immediately become the state of the art means of surgical induction and recovery.

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